I'm a technology and strategy guy living in Queens, NY. I do consulting work for small and mid-sized companies.

I'm interested in no-code products, remote work, and thoughtful collaboration & creativity tools that allow more people and teams to do their best work.

I'm a proud dog dad, sometimes runner, urban lifestyle enthusiast, and aspiring maker.

I've held leadership roles in IT, software development, strategy, operations, and technical product management in food manufacturing and B2B technology firms. I have an MBA from NYU Stern and a BS in electrical engineering from Penn State.

Working With Me

I am an independent consultant who helps business leaders make thoughtful technology decisions.

I’ve spent over 20 years finding opportunities to employ technology and upgrade skills to make individuals and teams more productive and happy at work. I have ten years of experience building distributed teams who deploy productivity, automation and collaboration technology in a global food manufacturer. Now I’m working with leaders at small and mid-sized companies to empower and engage their teams with thoughtful technology choices.

Typical outcomes
A formal remote work program with supporting tools and normsModernization and standardization of workplace collaboration tools, policies and processesMentoring relationship for senior executives who would like an outside perspective on workplace technology trends, norms and expectations for digital communication, and familiarity with current and emerging toolsBuild a no-code or low-code automation capability in business and technical teams to improve individual productivity and reduce the support load for internal tools
I prefer to partner with business leaders who share a desire to be intentional about the tools they deploy and changes they drive, and who are interested in thoughtful discussions about culture, norms and expectations. Typically, you will be a CXO at a company that’s just starting to think strategically about IT and internal productivity, and are willing to engage deeply on that level.


Please get in touch: mike@mikewimsatt.com | (917) 445-7451